Workshop Details

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and sustainability, leveraging Recommender Systems has emerged as a powerful tool for driving positive change. With a foundation in AI and data analytics, Recommender Systems can be effective in various domains, from e-commerce to energy management and well-being. By harnessing the power of recommendation algorithms under a holistic perspective, organizations and researchers can guide users towards more sustainable choices and behaviors, contributing to broader environmental and social goals. With this aim, our workshop provides a unique platform for researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders to explore the integration of sustainability principles into Recommender Systems. Through presentations, discussions, and panels, participants will explore the theoretical foundations, practical implementations, and ethical and environmental considerations of sustainable Recommender Systems. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, the workshop aims to catalyze innovation and inspire collective action towards a more sustainable future.

The aim of this workshop is to focus on the sustainability perspective.
Topics of interests include but are not limited to:

Sustainable Recommender Systems Development:
– Multi-criteria Recommender Systems
– Multistakeholder Recommender Systems
– Energy efficient and low-carbon model learning
– User interfaces for sustainable Recommender Systems

Sustainable Recommender Systems Features:
– Explainablility & trustworthy
– Privacy and safety
– Diversity and inclusion
– Behavioural change

Evaluation of Sustainable Recommender Systems:
– Long-term effect of Recommender Systems
– Simulation techniques
– Beyond accuracy evaluation

Application Areas:
– Health
– Media and information
– Travel and tourism
– Agriculture